Featured treks

Discover Vietnam

Women's Only Vietnam

Departure: February 2025

Cost: $4,650 per person twin share (enquire about our single supplement)

Sri Lanka Wildlife Tour


Departure: April 2025

Cost: $4800 per person twin share (single supplement $1500)

Armenia Georgia & Azerbaijan


Departure: May - 2025

Cost: $6,890 per person twin share (single supplement $1500)

Offer: Small mixed group tour minimum 4 pax maximum 12 pax

Mardi Himal Trek Nepal


Departure: October 2024- April 2025

Cost: $3990 per person twin share

Silk Road Experience

Silk Road India

Departure: April - October 2024

Cost: $6545USD per person twin share (enquire about our single supplement)

Bali Indulgence

Women's Only Bali

Departure: 23 July 2024

Cost: $3520 per person twin share (enquire about our single supplement)

Arctic Tour – Iceland & Greenland


Departure: 08 September 2024

Cost: $15,000 per person twin share (enquire about our single supplement)

India ‘The Beatles’ Guided Tour


Departure: 15 September 2024

Cost: $7980 USD per person twin share (enquire about our single supplement)

Nepal Yoga Hiking and Cultural Tour

Women"s only Nepal

Departure: 04 November 2024

Cost: $4100 AUD per person twin share Single supplement $500

Bhutan Black Crane Festival Tour

Women's Only Bhutan

Departure: 7 November 2024

Cost: AUD8850 per person twin share

Offer: Includes International return flight Bangkok/Paro/Bangkok Take advantage of the 50% reduction in the Governments Sustainable Development fee until end of 2024

Find your adventure

Lyn Taylor’s Adventure Travel designs and leads guided tours and adventure travel holidays, customised specifically to your needs. From women’s only tours to holidays with the whole family, a trip with us will guarantee adventure. We are here for those who want something a bit different. We offer unique holidays to inspire your adventurous spirit. 

Your Adventure Travel Specialist

Lyn Taylor, has been organising women’s only International trips since 1993, making her one of the first Women’s Only travel specialists in the World. We offer a myriad of authentic cultural travel experiences, guided tours and holiday adventures to amazing destinations across the world. While we still specialise in Women’s Only tours, we also cater to individuals, couples and small groups and can tailor the trip to meet your needs.

Our trips are designed with respect for the environment and cultural sensitivity. We are life members of KEEP (Kathmandu Educational and Environmental Project) and Lyn is the Australian Representative for IPPG (International Porters Protection Group).

Explore Global Adventure Tours with Taylor Adventure

Explore your passion for adventure travel with Lyn Taylor when you choose an incredible itinerary designed by Taylor Adventure. Whether you are seeking women’s only adventure travel or a bespoke itinerary designed specifically for your family, Taylor Adventure has it all. With years of experience in women’s only travel and some of the best adventure travel tours in the business, Taylor Adventure is the partner you need to create a truly memorable experience, no matter where in the world you are looking to go.

Your Gateway to Unforgettable Adventure Travel Experiences

From incredible trekking in Nepal to enjoying the waves lapping at the shore on one of our Fiji tours, Lyn Taylor Adventure can accommodate you. As a gateway to the most incredible experiences the world has to offer, this Australian travel group will take you to the far reaches of the globe. From an arctic adventure to the wonders of Kenya, there is no shortage of global adventure tours to satisfy your thirst for all the world has to offer. 

Australian Travel Group: Experts in Adventure

Our women-only tours in Vietnam promise unrivalled access to insights from local women who would not be open so freely with mixed groups, creating a deeper connection to the country and its people.

Discover Our Adventure Travel Tours

From Incredible India exploring the oldest and longest trade route that is the Silk Road to trekking in Bhutan to South America and a fantastic collection of Asia tours, there is no shortage of inspiring options to choose from with Taylor Adventure. Our global adventure tours cross the map so that you can experience everything the world has to offer. To us, adventure means getting involved in the local culture to become part of the fabric that makes up the experience. Whether you choose to fund a goat farm or support a school, or experience Europe from Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan to Turkey, or through a self guided Camino trip or even the Portuguese way, this type of engagement makes for a deeper connection to the place you are visiting, leaving you with a heartfelt connection that will live in the memory long after you have departed.  

Why Choose Taylor Adventure for Your Next Travel Adventure?

Taylor Adventure is committed to delivering exceptional experiences around the world. Be it closer to home in Australia and New Zealand or the trip of a lifetime to the Arctic or Antarctica, there are no limits to the adventures you can choose with us. Over our many years of operation, we are proud to have served a great number of adventurers who have become spokespeople for our company through testimonials and recommendations to family and friends. Contact us today to discover which of our global adventure tours could be your next expedition. 

Tailored Travel Adventures for Every Explorer

With such in-depth knowledge of the destinations we offer, Taylor Adventure can plan a bespoke itinerary for a travel group of any size. You can join an existing Australian travel group, or an exciting women-only adventure in Asia or you may also request a quote to take your family to any one of our incredible destinations. At Taylor Adventure, we are confident that we can put together the right kind of adventure for you. 


The most unique part of Taylor Adventure is Lyn Taylor herself. With a passion that has spanned decades, Lyn Taylor has built an Australian travel group that inspires people to not only see the world but experience it as well. Our recommendations come from personal experiences, and we work to ensure that every tour with Taylor Adventure is truly unforgettable. 

Every adventure requires slightly different preparation. All adventure travel tours booked with Taylor Adventure come with detailed packing lists and documentation on what you can expect from your tour. Follow our blog for more information on what to expect from your journey and tips on how to prepare for the trip of your life. 

An Australian travel group will bring together like-minded adventurers from the same place so that you can share your experience. Our guided tours are escorted from the airport the entire way through your journey, and our bespoke tours come with many layers of support. The level of care and detail that goes into every travel adventure booked with us is unparalleled and will ensure your trip is truly memorable. 

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