Women’s Bali Indulgence

When you arrive on the shores of Bali you will be overwhelmed by her breathtaking beauty and her magical people. Bali and its varied landscapes is a must-see destination. We have designed this tour especially for women wanting a relaxing holiday spiced with adventure. We begin our tour with 2 nights in Sanur history tells us that the kings throughout Bali would come to this special place to meditate and pray. Experience the peace and tranquillity during our stay at Sanur beach it is much quieter than the busy tourist resorts of Kuta and Legion. We will be staying in Balinese designed accommodation providing us with the finest comfort one can expect, close to the beach and surrounded by tropical gardens. We will visit the local Gallery’s, the Bali Safari Marine Park where we will navigate through rugged jungle terrain in our Safari Exploration Truck. Be amazed as you watch over 50 different animal species in their natural habitat ranging from Asia’s rainforest to African savanna, you will even be rewarded with the feeding of the white tiger’s cubs. Time as well to relax on the beach or pamper yourself with beauty treatments. From Sanur, we travel to the mountain retreat of “Ubud” where we will stay for the next  3 nights. Situated 1.5 km from the town of Ubud, Bali’s Cultural Heart and perfectly situated to explore other parts of Bali on pleasant ½ day trips. Our mornings will be spent seeking adventure activities where we will visit Penekolkan the best location to enjoy the scenery of the beautiful Batur Lake where you will do a 4-hour mountain bike ride all downhill through beautiful back roads and rice fields, all you need to do is apply the brakes. On this tour we will incorporate a visit to Batuan’s impressive village temples, Mas, the village of artistic woodcarvings and Ubud the home of painters. Another day will be spent hiking to the village of Muntigunung situated high in the mountains and on the slopes of the holy Gunung  Agung. We have chosen a moderate route which begins at the lakeside village of Songan and from here we trek through wild vegetation to the villages nestled along the hillside. Accompanied by an experienced local guide and villagers, we will enjoy a part of this island that most Balinese don’t even know about. You will be touched by these people who have a less privileged life than our own. Proceeds from our visit will help support these people by providing such commodities as water catchment systems and improved living conditions which will enable these people to generate sustainable income.

You will visit one of the greatest places in Bali that has a strong spiritual aura Sidemen Valley located at Karangasem East Bali regency has many temples of Hindu Bali, the majority religion of Balinese people, located in this village. This village located in the valley is surrounded by many hills,  and most of the area is a paddy field that is irrigated by Subak, the Balinese traditional water system for ricefield. The area is famous for stunning scenery, and a simple, traditional way of life. Sidemen village has produced masters of Balinese literature and Hindu theology, as well as generations of skilful weavers. During our 2 night stay, we will experience a Balinese Cooking class where we will join our chef for a visit to the local markets to buy the food. Returning to our hotel we will begin to learn the art of Balinese cooking and afterwards enjoy a wonderful lunch.  We will also do a short village hike visiting the local craft markets and weaving shops.

Don’t despair it is not all adventure and exhaustion our afternoons will be free to treat and indulge ourselves in soothing bliss at the resort Spas. enjoy relaxing yoga classes and a more energetic aqua class led by Lyn who is an accredited fitness instructor as well as your tour leader. Our last night will be spent in Seminyak the heart of the boutique shops, swim in the ocean, relax on the sandy white beach or indulge in more body pampering. You will also be given a late check out of 6 pm on your departure giving you 2 full days in Seminyak. Whatever your pleasure everything you do on this Bali tour will be a reward to yourself and an enjoyable and unforgettable holiday.

Thank you for providing us girls with the most wonderful experience in Bali – definitely more adventure than indulgence. We saw the side of Bali that most tourists miss, the real culture, religion and lifestyle, as well as the vibrant, colourful villages and homes of the beautiful Balinese people
Lovely trip. Thank you so much for your care, excellent planning and availability. Will remember you for a long time
The variety of activities and places we saw was first class. I am now totally in love with Bali and its people. I must say I have never experienced being treated to well in all my life. You are held in very high esteem in these places and we were treated like superstars as we were your guests. The children’s dancing and music in Sideman will forever stay in my heart