Eco Trekking & Sustainable Adventures

Lyn Taylor’s Adventure Travel is dedicated to preserving the fragile environment of the countries we visit. Our commitment to eco trekking means that on our treks through protected and environmentally fragile areas, we take steps to protect the precious and beautiful environment. Our adventure travel endeavors to instill a sense of to instill a sense of pride in local culture and value by making sure that villagers benefit from foreign visitors by using local services. 

We are life members of KEEP (Kathmandu Educational and Environmental Project). We are committed to raising environmental awareness. Lyn Taylor’s Adventure Travel treks in a way that does not harm the local environment. Our camping groups always carry kerosene, so that no local wood need be used to cook our food, and we remove all our rubbish. To maintain our high standard, we have a dedicated team of experienced staff, from office managers who arrange your trip to the cook that prepares your food. These steps ensure that our eco trekking protects the quality and safety of the environment.

Lyn is the Australian Representative for IPPG (International Porters Protection Group). The aim of IPPG is to foster the well being of the most vulnerable group of mountain worker in Nepal and South America, the porter. We want to raise awareness among trekkers, mountaineers, trek, and expedition companies, leaders, sirdars and staff.


If you would like to know more about IPPG or become a member, email or visit Lyn Taylor’s Adventure Travel has purchased a High Altitude Chamber to ensure the safety of clients on high altitude treks and climbs.