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Bespoke women’s travel enables a safe and comfortable environment for all to enjoy the sights and experiences of a new culture. With a broad collection of female-only travel tours, Lyn Taylor’s Adventure is the place where you can experience all that the world has to offer. Join an arctic adventure, a tropical trip to Fiji or fulfil your heart’s desire by trekking in Nepal. Whichever travel group you choose to join, we guarantee an experience unlike any other. 

Lyn Taylor’s Adventure Travel specialises in women’s only adventure travel. 

Whether you are looking to indulge and pamper yourself in tropical Bali or Vietnam, dreaming of trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal, Bhutan Tibet, or hungry to experience the richness of culture across South America, Spain, and Africa – if you are a woman looking for a life changing holiday, then you have come to the right place.

We believe that women’s groups form the strongest bonds. We strive to create an atmosphere where women feel comfortable being who they are, and where we celebrate our differences and enjoy our similarities.

Our aim is to help you break out of the daily routine and do something exciting, new, and challenging. Our women’s only adventure travel is the perfect way to savor your own experience. It will spill into the rest of your life, and others lives, long after your return.

Lyn Taylor’s trips are designed for women searching for a unique adventure travel holiday. We’re here to help you choose a delightful trip that is perfect for you and suits your budget. 

"If women are looking for women only adventure travel, then they want a woman to expertly guide them through their holiday, and not just organise the trip and send them off on their own. Let us take you away from the mainstream traffic so that you can experience the true culture of a country. It will be an unforgettable and life-changing experience."
- Lyn Taylor

Empowering Solo Female Travel with Exclusive Tours

Females travelling together lift each other up and do all they can to enhance one another’s experiences, so choosing to join a solo female travel group in Australia is something that can reinvigorate your spirit and potentially change your life. Lyn Taylor’s philosophy is centred around bringing people together to do the things that she loves and her exclusive adventures offer every destination, from European tours to Asian adventures to off-the-beaten-path destinations such as Kenya and India.   

Join Our Women-Only Travel Groups for a Journey of Self-Discovery

Travel speaks to the soul, and there is no better way to partake in your own journey of self-discovery than with a group of other women who are on a similar path. There are very few women’s travel groups that offer such a vast array of destinations to choose from and even fewer that specifically offer senior women’s-only travel groups in Australia, making the adventures on offer with Lyn Taylor both unique and appealing to women who are on their own journey. 

Bespoke Adventures for Senior Women: Explore the World at Your Pace

Rather than racing through countries, taking the time to explore a place and getting to know the culture is something that becomes much more alluring with age. Supporting a school in Nepal or partaking in the Camino Pilgrimage takes on a whole new light when you have the time to take it all in and experience the most of each destination. For women’s travel groups in Australia that can offer you the experience of a lifetime, look no further than Lyn Taylor’s Adventures.  

Curated Travel Experiences for Senior Women's Only Groups, Unleashing the Spirit of Adventure

Whether you’re searching for a tour close to home in Australia or New Zealand or looking to go further afield with one of our women’s only travel tours to India, every option you could hope for is right here. Browse the options available to you online and check out our blog for more detailed information on the unique experiences that our trips can offer. The testimonials from our many happy customers attest to the quality delivered on every tour.  Contact us today to discuss the kinds of adventures we can offer you on our female-only travel tours and see how our senior groups can be invigorated by the challenges and rewards on every journey.


What truly makes Lyn Taylor’s Adventure a special experience for female travellers is Lyn Taylor herself. The passionate and adventurous mind behind every tour on the list belongs to someone who is committed to delivering women-only travel groups with some of the most unique experiences around the world. 

We welcome solo female travellers with open arms! Whether you are looking to go it alone or join a friendly and supportive solo female travel group in Australia, our tours provide you with all the options you need to build the most incredible trip. Our itineraries provide you with the opportunity to meet other like-minded women and experience all the wonders of each destination in one neat little package. 

Adventure calls the world over, and our female-only travel tours will lead you to some of the most unique and interesting destinations the planet has to offer. Each group of women has its own dynamic, and we foster supportive and empowering women to join together to experience it all. 

Adventure travel can be invigorating at any age, and our senior women’s-only travel groups in Australia are kept at a leisurely pace so that every participant can keep up. With a dedicated female leader, we can be sure that the strenuous activity is kept at a limit that you can handle so that everyone can thoroughly enjoy their experience on tour. 

Solo female travellers are welcome on our tours. We happily welcome women of all ages, but for those over the age of 60, we do recommend a full physical before your departure to ensure your readiness to enjoy your adventure. 

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