Lyn Taylor's Adventure Travel

Lyn Taylor’s Adventure Travel is independently owned and operated by Lyn Taylor, a tour operator based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. 

Lyn has over 20 years of experience in the Adventure Travel industry, with a passion for getting women out there so that they can experience all this world as to offer! She loves meeting new people who are positive, and want to celebrate their life.

Those who have travelled with Lyn would say that she has an abundance of energy and surrounds herself with positive people. She is a go-getter who loves to socialise and enjoy anything outdoors. From hiking, water and snow skiing to local walking groups at home Lyn is always on the move. When is not travelling, she works as an aqua fitness instructor. She loves to see people active and enjoy keeping themselves healthy. 

“Life is startling; it leaves little time for anything else. I surround myself with positive people, and I do not wait for moods – they accomplish nothing. I love sharing my materialistic things as well as my travel experience. There is nothing I love more than seeing people laughing and enjoying the outdoors together.”

– Lyn Taylor 

Why adventure travel?

People from all over the world continue to save money, and make time to experience Adventure Travel time and time again. Some say it is the mountains that call to them, some say it’s the people and others say spiritual experience is what leads them to explore new places. Whatever it is that leads you out into the world to explore the wonderful places, people and cultures – allow us to guide you on your next adventure!

We specialise in Woman’s Only tours, as well as catering to Mixed Group and family holidays, and individual travellers to “off the beaten path” destinations.

Let us take you away from the hustle of everyday life, and immerse yourself in a truly authentic travel experience. Encounter the sights, meet the people and experience the culture of your destination. A trip with Lyn Taylor Adventure Travel is more than a ‘holiday’, it’s an unforgettable and life-changing Adventure Travel experience.

"Live the life you love. Love the life you live”.

Lyn is well known for that personal approach. The company is so well versed in the Adventure Travel service business that clients have been returning year after year, knowing that they will be looked after from the start to finish of their holiday. Lyn herself has traveled extensively throughout Nepal since the early 1990;s and has lead many groups to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, India, South America, Vietnam, and Bali. We are totally committed to conserving the natural and cultural diversity of each country. We offer first hand knowledge of trails, natural history, and cultural background.

Lyn Taylor says, “adventure travel is travel in which one must actively participate, rather than observe. People return to us year after year because we guarantee an incredible adventure holiday.  Whether you are looking for a rugged climb in Nepal, gentle walking in Bhutan and Peru, an eye-opening cultural experience in Vietnam, or total relaxation in Bali, we can offer you the most amazing travel experience.”

"A woman's life can really be a succession of lives, each revolving around some emotionally compelling situation or challenge, and each marked off by some intense experience"

Our specialty is Women’s Travel. We like see women shine when they achieve something that in the past seemed out of reach or overwhelming”. When Lyn takes groups of women on a tour, they embark on a particularly special journey. She partners with them on tailored trips to not only experience new sights and cultures, but to push the boundaries of their everyday, and lead them on personal adventures. 

What Lyn has built within herself these last 22 years is a wonderful reminder of what we can achieve if we believe in ourselves. From pushing her own boundaries, to learning more about people and culture, to then being in a position to make a positive change to communities that need support. Lyn Taylor is a testament to the power of adventure. With her you are bound to challenge yourself, discover your strength, travel well and be safe. Whether it’s on her tours in Nepal, or even those in Tibet, Bhutan, India, Peru, Patagonia, Africa, or Europe, adventure surely awaits!