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Explore Asia with Women-Only Travel Groups

Lyn Taylor’s Adventure Travel offers some incredible experiences around the world, many of which are based on the Asian continent.

As a market leader in women’s adventure travel, you can be sure that your experience in Asia will be everything you’ve dreamed of and more. Each of our women-only Asia tours is thoroughly planned and expertly executed to create the trip of a lifetime, whether it’s in Tibet, Vietnam or a women’s only retreat in Bali. Browse our amazing collection of women-only tours today and discover why Lyn Taylor’s Adventure has the best testimonials from our ever-expanding collection of globetrotting clients. 

Witness the Majestic Beauty of Nepal with Women-Only Tours

Nepal offers a profoundly spiritual and physically exhilarating journey for those who seek adventure amidst the world’s highest peaks. Travelling with women-only groups in Nepal allows you to connect deeply with both the natural world and the resilient local women who maintain their traditions in the heart of the Himalayas. Our tours are crafted to provide an intimate experience of Nepal’s stunning landscapes, from the bustling streets of Kathmandu to the peaceful heights of the Annapurna range. Whether you’re a seasoned trekker wanting to explore Everest or a cultural enthusiast, our women-only tours in Nepal provide a safe and supportive environment to explore this breathtaking country.

Tibet - Roof of the world

Tibet is the highest plateau in the world with an average altitude in excess of 3500 meter. Lying to the north of the great Himalayan range which separates it from its neighbor’s India, Nepal and Bhutan, Tibet is an untamed land of nomads (drokpas), monasteries, yaks, sand dunes, and high altitude desert. Still a remote frontier it offers some of the most breathtaking scenery and the highest Mountain Range on Earth.


When you arrive on the shores of Bali you will be overwhelmed by her breathtaking beauty and her magical people. Bali and its varied landscapes is a must see destination. We have designed tours especially for women wanting a relaxing holiday spiced with adventure. Year after year Bali is voted by the readers of all major travel magazines as one of the most enchanting travel and holiday destination in the whole world.

Bali is constantly changing. It’s dynamic. It’s organic. There is rapid development of Bali’s economy, local and international tourism, the influx of people from other Indonesian islands. However Bali has managed to maintain its uniqueness and magic over the decades, and keeps enchanting visitors from all over the world. Many of whom return regularly .

Women-Only Tours in Vietnam: A Journey of Discovery

Choosing to travel Vietnam with women-only groups allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture in an entirely different way.

Our women-only tours in Vietnam promise unrivalled access to insights from local women who would not be open so freely with mixed groups, creating a deeper connection to the country and its people.

Discovering the culture and experiencing the magical sights in this incredible country is an amazing experience as you will see from our recent blog posts, and the opportunity to do it all with a like-minded group of women makes for the ultimate adventure. 

Discover all that this beautiful part of Asia has to offer and join one of our women-only tours to Vietnam today.


Vietnam is the beautiful diverse country which has its own unique culture and customs with long, special traditions. Vietnam is a peaceful country with magnificent landscapes such as Halong Bay, Mekong Delta and Hanoi. You will have great fun with your fellow traveller’s as you test your skills in cooking local dishes. Bike ride to a local village where you’ll be introduced to one of the local families. This trip brings you to the famed and iconic spots. However we promise an individual and memorable experience by adding healthy servings of creativity and panache. So to offer you the best service possible we find the trails and hidden gems that others overlook in their haste. When you visit the ‘must do’ spots with us, you will do more than just see them, we’ll give you a deeper understanding of these beautiful places. We’ll take you to the spots you expect to see while taking you far beyond your expectations

Experience the Essence of India with Female Travel Groups

A journey to Incredible India is unlike any other that one could experience. The amazing assault on your senses makes for a heightened experience, and our female travel groups in India always return with a look of wonder in their eye, matched only by the urge to return and do it all over again. India may seem like a daunting destination for some, but joining a women-only travel group removes much of the intimidation that one might feel if they were planning on doing it alone. Like trekking in Nepal or a journey to South America, there is nothing quite like your first experience of India, and it is one that everyone should enjoy at least once in a lifetime. 

Why Choose Taylor Adventure for Women-Only Tours in Asia?

Be it a women-only Bali tour, female travel groups in India or an amazing journey to Bhutan or Tibet, Asia offers some of the most incredible destinations in the world.

The cultural immersion alone is enough to have millions of people returning to the continent year after year, and the chance to experience it all on a women-only tour makes the option even more attractive.

 Lyn Taylor has spent years developing this wonderful collection of women-only tours throughout Asia, providing you with the safest and most memorable way to visit these wonderous lands. Make friends for life through the wonder of group travel, and take yourself on the trip of a lifetime with Lyn Taylor’s Adventure. Contact us today to book your next adventure. 


Vietnam as a destination is special all by itself, but our women-only tours to Vietnam present the opportunity to explore some of the more local parts of the country and experience it all while being surrounded by like-minded females. Years of travel and multiple visits to Vietnam are what have made Lyn Taylor’s Adventure one of the most respected and well-loved women-only tours to Vietnam

Escape the ordinary with a women-only Bali tour and spend some time soaking up the sun and enjoying the feel of the sand between your toes. A retreat is all about switching off and getting to know yourself again, without the noise of everyday life surrounding you. Joining a women’s only retreat in Bali takes away the pressure of partners and children and the stresses of work and life, allowing you to reconnect with yourself and share it all with the strong women around you. 

Whether you want to travel Vietnam with women-only groups or have always dreamed of exploring the wonders of India or the stunning beauty of Bali, joining a women-only travel group is as simple as finding the next destination you want to explore and the date you want to go. All our women-only tours to Asia are easily bookable on our website, and you are welcome to contact us with any questions that you might have before confirming your trip with us.  

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