Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Lyn Taylor’s Adventure Travel warmly presents a combined tour to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan – Central Asia, a true adventure for nature lovers. Embark on a wilderness experience in the lands of Genghis Khan. Along the way you will discover the the most beautiful eco-sites of Kazakhstan, as well as the “fairy cities” of Uzbekistan. Not to mention and its stunning hidden mountain paths (places tourists usually do not visit during their heritage tours to the country!)

Tour Highlights

Shortly after arrival the gorgeous lakes and colourful mountains of Kazakhstan will appear in front of you. As you embark on day hikes, and drives through the mountains and national parks, the landscape will gradually shift and turn into the Oriental city-beauties of Samarkand and Bukhara. Here, the region of Baysuntau mountain range opens up in front – and then the world changes.

There is so much culture, history, and some would say magic to be found throughout Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. This tour is jam packed with sights, adventures, and rich experiences. From historical monuments, ancient landscapes, eco parks, singing dunes and magical lakes this trip is sure to delight. Check out our itinerary for a full description of the Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan tour, we hope you can join us there!

Difficulty: This trip is suitable for someone with a moderate level of fitness. Some preparation will make this even more enjoyable. For more general information on what to expect, visit our Adventure Travel FAQ.

Did you know? The Altyn Emel National Park (which you will get to visit!) is famous for its so called “singing dunes”. Search for “Singing Dunes” on YouTube to see sneak previews of what you will experience in travel vlogs like this one.

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