About our Nepal Earthquake Fundarising

On April 25th, a catastrophic 7.9 magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal. With reports of over 4,000 lives lost. I am so thankful to be safe along with many of the Nepali families that I have very close relationships with. While I am grateful to be safe, I am deeply saddened by the lives lost, damage sustained from cities to villages, and the great suffering in Nepal. I am truly humbled by the countless emails, messages and calls of concern I have received from my friends and those who have travelled with me before who are concerned about the wellbeing of the people they met in their travels.

After travelling to and working in Nepal for over 20 years, I have developed very strong relationships with a few remote village communities. Through these relationships, we have helped build and support three schools in the region of the Earthquake Epicentre. However, tragically, as a result of the quake, three of these schools have been either flattened or partially damaged along with 92 homes – including the lives of many valuable livestock.

Because of the remote location of these villages, many are unable to get the help that they need. While the village people are very strong, there are currently only women, children and elderly dealing with the destruction. The younger men work in the cities and are beginning to make the long journey home to their villages.

Our Efforts

While the immediate relief effort is supported by organisations such as the UN, MSF, and Red Cross, into the longer term there will be a need for much support in the rebuilding effort. To support this, I have set up a fundraising account to raise money that will go direct to the people in the remote villages that are otherwise not reached. This money will not be filtered through any other organisation. We will collect funds over the next 6-12 months so that they can be properly utilised so as to see the greatest amount of effectiveness. The money we raise will go towards the purchasing of goats, buffalo and chickens, as well as materials for building anyone’s home that cannot be salvaged.

Nepalese societies are very resilient. There are many skilled tradesmen and creative individuals who time and time again face trials and find solutions. I have every faith in their ability to rise from the wreckage even stronger with their hearts set on the future.

How to Donate

Join me in helping the people of Nepal get back on their feet, by contributing to the Nepal Earthquake fundraising account:

  • BSB: 032 196
  • Account: 226322
  • Westpac Mona Vale