The Ghale family has weathered the storm of a (somewhat) post-pandemic world quite well. This is largely due to your incredible support over the past few years, and especially our Adventurers who visited Nepal this year and spent time with the Ghale Family and their Goat Farm Project.

When we first set up and built the Goat Farm through your kind donations in 2020 things initially went a little pear-shaped. Sadly, the family lost several goats to disease. But the good news on the horizon has been the birth of 8 kids (baby goats). So, it looks like the goats have settled into their new home, and the Ghales are learning the ropes as they go on how to run it successfully. We hope to see many more kids in 2023!
The Ghale Family would like to share a special message and some photos of their home and farm with you all. Please see below: 

“We wish you and your families a prosperous 2023. Everyone is welcome to our home, and we hope to see you all in Nepal soon. Much love, the Ghale Family” 

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