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Embark on a Women's Adventure to Antarctica

The Antarctic Peninsula’s landscape of floating ice, aqua blue ice burgs in every shape, protected channels, towered with ice clad peaks is a stunning and unforgiving part of the world. This vast east coast landscape with its stunning wildlife of 4 different species of penguins, seals, petrels, and whales who arrive to feed and breed, is certainly a photographers delight. Follow in Shackleton’s wake along the Scotia Arc, from Elephant Island to South Georgia to discover a wildlife oasis like no other.

Whether you attempt to sail south of the Antarctic Circle, be awed by tabular icebergs in the Weddell Sea or trek across the interior of South Georgia, Antarctica and South Georgia combined, we offer the best Antarctica adventure tours and wildlife encounters in the business. Talk to our adventure team today about our incredible trips to Antarctica and take the first step into a life of wonder and surrealism as you explore the outer reaches of our incredible planet. 

Arctic Expeditions

The Arctic summer brings tourists from all over to experience its wonders is on an exciting Arctic expedition cruise.

Like the Inuits and Vikings we explore the Arctic by sea aboard a small luxurious ship that chase the Gulf Streams warm currents up  Scotland and Norway’s coasts to Spitsbergen; sail the icy waters to Greenland, Iceland and venture further north than ever before with a Franz Josef Land adventure. 

Long days during the Arctic summer offer sunsets that linger until dawn, cascading waterfalls, draw dropping glaciers and ice burgs will leave you mesmerized.  Whether calving from Svalbard’s vast glacier fronts or squeezing into Greenland’s deep fjords, aqua blue icebergs of every shape. From Franz Josef Land’s remote wonders to Norwegian fishing towns, the adventure base of Longyearbyen to Inuit villages of East Greenland, you will experience a wide range of  history and local culture.

Join Our Exclusive Antarctica Adventure Tours from Sydney

A women in Antarctica trip is an adventure that is beyond belief. An Antarctica trip from Sydney with Taylor Adventure is a chance for you to retrace the footsteps and sailing pathways of ancient explorers and experience the height of women’s adventure travel.

The luxury adventure experiences available with our trips to Antarctica from Australia will see you amongst a group of like-minded adventurers with whom you can share your new experiences with the potential to make lifelong new friendships. 


With an example set by the ultimate female adventurer, Lyn Taylor herself, you can be sure that a women in Antarctica trip will be your greatest adventure ever. Like so many of our women-only tours, you can be sure that your itinerary is thoroughly researched and perfectly planned so all you need to worry about is arriving on time for our Antarctica adventure tours. Join our next Antarctica trip from Sydney to push yourself to new limits and see a part of the world that very few ever have the opportunity to experience. 

A Journey of Discovery: Trips to Antarctica for Every Adventurer

Though Taylor Adventure is known for sensational women’s only travels that span from Asia to Fiji to South America and beyond, our expert team is also happy to put together bespoke itineraries for any kind of adventure. Antarctica trips from Australia can be taken outside of our regular group travel dates for any kind of traveller, from couples to groups to families. No matter what kind of travel companions you have, our expert team can design an itinerary that will be perfectly suited for you. 

We are proud to have many happy customers who can attest to the professionalism and high level of quality in Taylor Adventure Tours.

We believe in sustainability and have a core focus on supporting the communities that so graciously welcome our customers into their homes and their hearts. Let us create a journey of discovery for your next adventure. Contact us today and allow us to plan the kind of Antarctica adventure tours that will be a truly unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience.    


Travelling with like-minded and adventurous women can make your experience that much more interesting. Even if you are a long-time solo traveller, you can enjoy the presence of others helping to enhance your enjoyment of such incredible experiences. With Taylor Adventure, you can experience the trip of a lifetime while making friends with others who value travelling as much as you do along the way. While our women’s trips to Antarctica are an adventure in themselves, the group aspect of our Antarctica adventure tours is a fantastic way to heighten your enjoyment of one of the Earth’s last frontiers. 

The research and planning that has gone into creating our women in Antarctica trip is what makes it such a special journey. Taylor Adventure goes to incredible lengths to ensure your trip is everything you’ve always wanted. We handle the bulk of your itinerary so that you encounter the least amount of hassle for a stress-free and fantastic travel experience. Our women’s only Antarctica adventure tours are unique because they bring together like-minded women who love to travel so that your experience can be shared with others and enjoyed together. 

Our Antarctica trips from Australia come complete with a full packing list, so you won’t be left wondering if you should take that extra pair of boots or not. Each of our tours also comes with a fitness indicator so that you can be sure that you’re perfectly in shape to make the most of your trip. We recommend that our over 60s travellers engage in a medical as a pre-emptive precaution, especially those who choose the more adventurous tours from our catalogue. We like our trips to Antarctica to be as safe as possible for everyone involved so that we can share this incredible experience. 

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