Paro Festival Tour Bhutan

  • Departure:

    13 March 2024

  • Duration:

    14 -days
  • Cost:

    USD4999 twin share
  • Offer:

    Included return flight from Bankgok/Paro Take advantage of the 50% reduction in the Bhutans Government Sustainable Developement Fee until October 2024
  • Itinerary:

Discover Bhutan with this fabulous cultural tour, as you make your way to the Paro Festival!


Bhutan has resisted globalization and therefore has protected its strong Buddhist culture and way of life.
There is little crime, a stable government and exceptionally friendly people. Whether you are a bird watcher, trekker, weaver, culture seeker or scenery lover – Bhutan is a must-see destination! The country boasts a glorious mosaic of botanical treasures. It is home to an enormous diversity of flora with
over 50 species of rhododendrons alone and over 600 species of orchids. Bhutan is famous for the legendary Blue Poppy which blooms only once and then dies. With few people in the world ever setting eyes on it, a mystique surrounds this beautiful species and it is now the national flower of Bhutan.

On this tour, you will wind your way through breath-taking forests, lush valleys and alpine terrains for a unique journey into the countryside to witness stunning rhododendrons and alpine flowers. Visiting monasteries along the way, you will surely marvel in the outstanding art and architecture in remote regions. In this fascinating tour, you see some of the remains of the Advent of Buddhism in Bhutan and the scenic hills around the valleys.

Paro Festival

Your scenic tour of Bhutan will end with three full days in Paro to experience the famous festival. On arrival in Paro you will visit the Drugal Dzong ruins, and the Historic building for Bhutanese culture Cultural heritage museum in a 17th watchtower with Bhutanese statues, paintings & other art. Paro Tshechu is the most popular religious festival drawing the largest number of tourists at a single time. The Tshechu offers the opportunity to see and mingle with the Bhutanese as they enjoy themselves in their finest attire after a year’s hard work on the farm. The un-ravelling of one of the biggest Thangka (appliqué religious art) is the highlight of the Tshechu!

Difficulty: This trip requires a low to moderate fitness level with gentle day treks and tourist walks. For more general information on what to expect, visit our Adventure Travel FAQ.

Did you know: Bhutan is the first country in the world with specific constitutional obligations on its people to protect the environment. Among its requirements: At least 60 percent of the nation must remain under forest cover at all times.

What Our Adventurers Say: Check out their experiences here.

Bhutan touched my heart very deeply and the depth of that experienced was aided by the care of our guide Dhendup and the best driver in the world Hari. The roads are seriously scary but he was best as! The ease and organization from Lyn was fantastic.
- Liz