Bhutan : on demand Departures


Bhutan is a rare gem. It has resisted globalization and therefore has protected its strong Buddhist culture and way of life. There is little crime, a stable government and exceptionally friendly people. Whether you are a bird-watcher, trekker, weaver, culture seeker or scenery lover… Bhutan is a must-see destination, like no other.

Join this tour as it winds through breathtaking forests, lush valleys and alpine terrains for a unique journey into the countryside to witness stunning rhododendrons and alpine flowers. Visit monasteries along the way and marvel at the outstanding art and architecture in remote regions.

This exciting trip takes us to some of the most fascinating places within the majestic Himalayas renowned as The Last Shangri-La

 I can't praise the guide highly enough. He was extremely informative answering any and every question that we 4 threw at him, he was ever vigilant and concerned that we saw as much as we could of Bhutan. We gave Pema some really positive feedback. Overall a well constructed itinerary, which fitted together well.

- Sonja