Nepal and Bhutan Cultural Tour


Experience the Best of Nepal and Bhutan with this custom made dual-country Himalayan Tour. On this tour, you will wind your through the breath-taking forests, lush valleys and alpine terrains of the Himalayan ranges.


Your Himalayan Tour begins as your aircraft approaches Bhutan’s Paro International Airport, the views will sets the scene for what is in store. Flying into Bhutan is an experience, it is hard to take in the sheer beauty of the scene below. The snow-clad slopes give way to beautiful forests of pine and rhododendron, and just below the tree line, verdant valleys. White water rivers give way to fields of green. There is a sense of timelessness as the plane makes a perfect landing.

This is a medieval land, a Kingdom of dreams, dragons, legends and landscapes. The people are so fiercely proud of their history they wear their national dress as a symbol of their loyalty to the land they love. These warm-hearted proud friendly people who go to unusual lengths to preserve each element of Bhutanese life. Bhutan follows the same principle of integrating traditional Bhutanese hospitality with the most up to date facilities. The hotels, houses and lodges across the country are built and decorated in traditional style and are the best that Bhutan has to offer. In this fascinating tour, you see some of the remains of the Advent of Buddhism in Bhutan and the scenic hills around the valleys. There are relatively few visitors to this remarkable land making it a unique and moving experience for the privileged few who venture into this hidden paradise.


Your unique Himalyan Tour continues as you travel into Nepal. Without a doubt this country is a potpourri of culture and diversity. From morning prayers to the universal deities, walking Sadhus on village trails and city streets, to Buddhists spinning prayer wheels while sitting in front of their stores. You will have many opportunities to witness this aspect of life.

In Nepal, ethnic cultural groups are diverse and many of them have their own languages and customs. The country’s capital Kathmandu, where you will end your Himalayan tour, is Nepal’s largest city. The tightly packed historical centre, with its squares and temples, continues to preserve a world light-years away from shantytowns, expensive hotels, restaurants and shops on the city’s outskirts. Kathmandu’s core is Durbar Square, with the Vishnumati River to the west and Ratna Park to the east, The Bagmati River forms the southern boundary, whilst Thamel, the popular tourist hangout sprawls to the north. This would have to be one of the most exciting cities to visit in the world today.

For more information, check out the full itinerary below.

Difficulty: This trip requires a moderate fitness level with gentle day treks and tourist walks. For more general information on what to expect, visit our Adventure Travel FAQ.

Did you know: Bhutan and Nepal are both Himalayan countries, sharing the famous mountain range. And, until 2008, Nepal was also a monarchy. 

What Our Adventurers Say: Check out their experiences here.

I arrived back in Kathmandu today after my wonderful holiday in Bhutan. I wanted to get in touch to say thank you for organising such a memorable tour. Both Namgay (guide) and Tandin (driver) were fabulous hosts, so knowledgeable and accommodating. The hotels and food were also of an impressively high standard and I enjoyed trying the local specialities

-  Lori

It was certainly better to feel Bhutan after Nepal. I loved my holiday and it was just perfect for me that both Nepal and Bhutan was solo. My guide, Dil in Nepal and Tandine and driver, Sonam ,in Bhutan were so supportive. They were very patient with my slow walk. They were also very professional and made me feel safe and very welcome in their respective countries. I enjoyed travelling solo . It meant I could stay for longer periods in the Dzongs or have a picnic by the river in Bumthang for most of the day. I left a piece of my heart in Bhutan, it was such an eye bath for my soul. I loved it !

-  Janice