Camino de Santiago- Congratulations

Congratulations to 3 very strong ladies who yesterday completed part of the Way of St James from Leon to Santiago de Compostela. Lyn Taylor’s Adventure Travel group of 14 women departed Australia today for Spain and Portugal where they will hike the Portuguese Way from Porto to Santiago de Compostela 170klm in 9 days. The intense prep training has put [….]

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Discover Fiji

Fiji The only country on Earth where you are welcomed with a warm ‘BULA’ everywhere you go. Bula means “life” and in a greeting it implies wishes for “good health” . Beautiful weather, and warm authentic hospitality greeted us as we arrived at Nadi airport. Fiji’s archipelago consists of 333 islands and conjures a sense of exoticism from mountain peaks [….]

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Adventure tours

Bhutan Adventure Travel

Like minded people travel to Bhutan. People who want to learn more about the culture, the people, the religion and nature of a unique part of the world. Bhutan is a blend of traditional and modern. Everyone a mobile (including monks!). A large proportion of the population have cars (even though the roads are narrow, windy and under construction, leading [….]

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Bali trekking

Girls on the go in Bali

The girls are enjoying hiking to the village of Muntigunung situated high in the mountains and on the slopes of the holy Gunung  Agung.. The hike began with a stunning sunrise over the lakeside village of Songan. From Songan we trekked through wild vegetation to the villages nestled along the hillside. Accompanied by an experienced local guide and villagers, we [….]

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Rajasthan India

Women Single Travelling in India

Last month, Bestway’s Communications and Outreach coordinator Kierra Jones had the chance to embark on a tour to one of our most popular destinations—India. Her verdict? If you’ve never been to India before, book your plane ticket immediately! Read on for her thoughts on why: Even as a seasoned traveller, when I first learned that I would be going to [….]

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