Camino Pilgrimage

In about half an hour I will begin my pilgrims walk from Leon to Santiago de Compostela. For me this is turning out to be a most incredible trip. Firstly I am going to do a walk that I have been dreaming about for a long time, but the trip has been put on hold many times due to changes occurring in my life. The biggest one was my dear mother passing and subsequently other changes followed, I new then that it was the right time to walk The Way. I would like to thank my beautiful family and dear friends for being there for me, especially the last 15 months. Since I left for Europe I have caught up with more gorgeous friends in France who also have been a special part my life. Way after I had organised this Adventure a friend I had met in Central Australia asked me if she could join me walking along The Way and I of course said yes. Then Lyn Taylor of Lyn Taylor’s Adventure Travel who I booked my trip through asked if another could join and again, of course yes. I am happy to share experiences with everything. The three of us were not sure if we could definitely make it as we all have had health issues, and now we are all here ready to start our adventure and support each other! There is even another exciting thing I would like to share with you, I only found out 2 days  ago that my  cousin and his lovely wife from Brazil who I have never met are walking to Santiago from a different direction and we may actually meet up with each other in Santiago de Compostela.  This trip is turning out to being Incredible! I feel grateful and blessed that our paths will cross. You will all be traveling with me in Spirit ? Michele???