Girls on the go in Bali

Bali trekking

The girls are enjoying hiking to the village of Muntigunung situated high in the mountains and on the slopes of the holy Gunung  Agung.. The hike began with a stunning sunrise over the lakeside village of Songan. From Songan we trekked through wild vegetation to the villages nestled along the hillside. Accompanied by an experienced local guide and villagers, we enjoyed a part of this island that most Balinese don’t even know about, let alone tourists, we are very blessed to have enjoyed the privilege of this adventure experience, and touched touched by these people who live a very basic life.

Proceeds from our visit will help support these people by providing such commodities as a water catchment systems and improved living conditions which will enable these villagers to generate a sustainable income. Our day ended at a stunning location by the sea and a delicious Balinese feast. The afternoon we swam indulged in massages to relief our aching muscles. Yet another day in Paradise.


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