Day 5 on the Portuguese Way

Another crisp morning as we set off from our hotel.  Delicious sunshine, friendly scarecrows and a dreaming white cat, as we pass by fields on the way to Mos.  Autumn leaves falling beside the stream. First stop in Mos for a delicious coffee served with homemade cakes.

We pass by a Roman milestone and amazing edible macrolipiota mushrooms.  Hens and roosters, geese, goats and turkeys are our brief companions.  We exchange  greetings with pilgrims, locals and friendly dogs.
A climb, a forest walk and finally the breathtaking view of our destination below us by the waters of the Ria de Vigo.  Getting very hungry, can’t wait for late lunch now that we have finished walking for the day. Delicious warm mushroom and chicken  salad, fresh baked bread and scallops,  washed down with a cold beer.
Now relaxing on our balcony with a view to the sea. As night falls on our pilgrimage day we realise earth is crammed with heaven.
From Jan and Susie