We set off from our hotel in Tui at 8.30am with the sun only just peeping up over horizon. Through the streets of Tui we walked and it wasn’t long before we were in the beautiful countryside of Galicia. This region of Spain is a very wet region hence the beautiful lush trees and vegetation. The coolness and shade from the trees is always greatly appreciated and we even walked across a quaint Roman bridge. Today’s walk was mainly on relatively smooth natural tracks and then plenty of bitumen – a little easier than the very rocky paths we had encountered on previous days.
Our first stop for morning tea was a delightful cafe at Ultreia et Suseia where we had our morning fix of coffee. Our destination for the day was Porrino where we had a choice of bar with the usual beer, coffee and sandwich or a grill restaurant offering a more substantial menu. After the much needed late lunch we were bused back to Tui where we spent a second night at same hotel. It was a walk of approx 17 kms but we still found a little energy to traipse the cobblestone streets of Tui late afternoon looking for that elusive “thing” we thought we should buy. For me it was a pair of local artisan earrings – at least they are easy to pack! Another wonderful day on the Camino.

Written by Sue and Dianne