In my last post I mentioned about the chance of not getting out of Lukla airport but today was my lucky day. I decided to return to Ktm 1 day before the group so that I could meet up with my next Nepal/Bhutan group who were flying in on the same day. We all finally connected around 5pm that afternoon. The ladies were taken on a sightseeing tour whilst I went to the Yak and Yeti collected my other bag, the staff kindly gave me a room to shower and change and within an hour I was in the car and on my way to Bhaktapur for the night. The following morning around 10am the group from Luka arrrived we all lunched together, then I tood the ladies group to Nargakot where we will stay to see the sunset and sunrise, the best I have every viewed from Nargakot – soooo luck!! We are now in Chitwan with 6 of the Gokyo group enjoying the activities and resting up. Tomorrow head to Pokhara for 2 nights back to the lovely Yak and Yeti hotel in Ktm then the ladies fly to Bhutan. I will spend another couple of days in Ktm doing business then it is home for me – yehaa warm weather, surf, stonned fruit cannot wait

Namaste from Nepal – Lyn
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