Travelling in Morocco

We had  a great day yesterday travelling from Erfoud Ouarzazate via El Kelâa M´gouna, weather today is  clear and sunny with a brilliant blue sky. We visited an old fort from many years ago, then to a fossil factory which had fossils dated back millions of years ago, so interesting, Morocco is known for many fossils, an oasis in the middle of no where locals grow dates and the colour of their houses blends in with the hills. Dates are a huge industry and a staple food in their daily food. Then to a magnificent gorge near Tinghir, road in between enormous dirt and rock cliff walls, 300 metres high, it is a popular rock climbing area, we were lucky enough to see some climbers, it took them 7 hours to climb up, secure ropes and then down again, they looked like ants amongst the redness of the cliff. Onward to our hotel, stunning land even though it is flat, dry and nothing would grow. Snow capped Atlas Mountains continue in the background,,,,,,off to Marrakech today for 4 nights,,,,,not having to pack the suitcase……..

written by Christine