The highs and lows trekking in Nepal

Welcome sight Nepal

There are more moments in a trekking holiday, like any other vacation, that seem to get glossed over in the adventure afterglow. After a couple of sweaty days on the trail, one seems to wonder, for instance, if showering is all that important after all, or feeling the pain of a new gluteal muscle every couple of hours was really the most relaxing choice for this rate full 10 days of work. Wouldn’t you be better off lying in in the beautiful warm waters of some exotic island. But then of course there are the moments that are better than you could ever expected. The Annapurna Sanctuary Trek situated in central Nepal follows a milky glacier river through a stunning Himalaya valley of vertical rice fields and bamboo forests. Our goal is Annapurna Base Camp the starting point for all serious climbers attempting Annapurna 1, the worlds 10th highest peak. But at 4130 Annapurna Base Camp

is our destination. After climbing 3 days uphill you begin to wonder if you will ever make it. Dhal Bhat, the traditional dish of rice, lentils and vegetables is popular amongst locals and trekkers, a perfect cocktail of carbs and protein to fuel your ascent. Although it does very little when you have those sweet cravings along the way. Here is where the popular village of Chomrong situated on a stone terrace, and the last inhabited village before you step into the oxygen deprived is a welcome site on the return journey. After spending your last bit of energy climbing the 2300 steps you see the welcome sign of a German Bakery selling everything from good cappuccino, chocolate cake, cinnamon rolls. After the first bite the sugar rushes into your bloodstream, whilst the lactic acid drains from your quads,suddenly the hard days work fades into the background as sit and gaze at the snow capped mountain and terraced hills that you have just concoured.

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