Completion of Christine’s First Camino 

I will do my best to describe an extraordinary, overwhelming day. 7degrees when walking into the Cathedral. The day turned out to be sunny but at times cool. We met up with Sam, the lady Michael had taught, had coffee and went to the Cathedral for the Pilgrims Mass. We arrived at 11.15, standing room only, we had a good spot, people started to congregate, the anticipation. All the people we had met on the walk, some briefly, some at breakfast at the hotels, some we had walked with for a few hours, some we acknowledged on the walk…..well they all appeared at the Mass and they were close to where we were……well the coincidence of this happening……Buen Camino……..! I just smiled to myself…
Mass started, it was in Spanish but that did not matter, the atmosphere was wonderful. Mass finished and some discussion took place, and it happened, the incense holder called botafumeiro fired up and started to swing down the aisle of the cathedral and high into the air. It weighs 80kgs and stands 1.6mts high. Now this does not happen at every mass so we were all so grateful. I was overwhelmed, very emotional and cried. We then went and had lunch, had hired an audio guide for the cathedral area. Then met again for tapas and farewell to Sam who leaves tomorrow. Finally back at the hotel at 7.30pm, a big day…….retail therapy tomorrow….

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