Camino de Santiago

Well guess what? I went to the midday mass again today and the botafumeiro lit up and swung up and down the aisle. Absolute perfection. I smiled this time. I lined up an hour before and once inside standing room only. I went down near the altar and sat on a step at the base of one of the marble columns, great view. There were about 20 priests and altar boys dressed in green and white and the lovely singing nun from the day before directed it all, she had those men at her beck and call and used hand movements to signal the next moves, just great to watch, and her beautiful singing voice…..ahhhh…there must have been 2000 people at the service. When I exited the mass there were so many more people waiting in queues to get inside the cathedral.
Michael and I then took our time shopping, so relaxing, then bought a cheese roll which we had in the park on the way back to the hotel. We passed lots of pilgrims who had walked from Porto in Portugal…….mmmmm………maybe…..
Anyway, the day was magical, I am a happy tourist. Sad to leave here tomorrow for Bilbao, I need a rest…..

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