Christine and Michael Camino Experience

Hi all, did not have wifi last night, so here goes. Day 5 was a great walking day, sunshine, lots of people but that did not matter, push bikes, horses, dogs, and to top it off, 3 energetic muscles male runners with tight little bottoms…..almost enough to give me a hot flush but did not in any way entice me to walk any faster! We walked with an Aussie couple for most of the day, at one stage we came to a fork in the road and five of us were deciding which was the correct way to go, I was aware of a woman beside me but had not looked at her face, we made the decision and I asked her where she came from, ‘Lismore’, and when Michael looked at her, he had taught her at high school……I also walked with an Irish couple I had met in Melide. You see familiar faces but don’t necessarily talk with them. Passed thru similar countryside, houses and animal shelters are right beside the road with an Alsatian guarding. Arrived at about 3pm, good days walk ..

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