Christine’s walk of the Camino

Day 4, Melide to Arzua, 15kms, 4hrs. Left at 8am not quite light, not so many walking today, quite a few push bike riders.
Once again thru semi dark stone road canopied by trees, at times all to myself. A quaint old bridge in a small village, not so many cafes, birds singing, lots of corn growing looking so fresh and green, cattle grazing with bells around their neck, lots of trees amidst green fields, track good to walk on, have not seen many Australians, but Irish, German, Spanish, American surround us. Arzua a lovely clean town with lots of accommodation and cafes. We are staying about 10kms out of town at casa peregrina, a home stay with quite a few others, lovely place, had a walk around, looked over fences, walked in to a cow dairy yard with cows that looked to me like ‘battery cows’, picked some grapes from overhanging vines and charmed a couple of kittens into following me, so sweet and mischievous. Dinner at 7, breakfast at 7.15 and taxi back to town at 8 for day 5. All good, a bit cooler….a good days walk…..

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