This year I will be celebrating 22 years being a Tour Operator.  During that time there have been many  “UPS AND DOWNS”. The down side is that I have not been able to personally keep in touch with everyone who I have had the pleasure to meet on tour.  The up side is to meet a return client, knowing that he or she, had obviously enjoyed their first tour with Lyn Taylor’s Adventure Travel, and ready for another adventure.
Although traveling, and experiencing the thrills of other countries has always been my passion, it did not take me long to realise that by putting some of my energy to the help the people of a country,  benefit from greater rewards.  Hence my involvement in helping  “The Children of Remote Area Schools in Nepal. “
The past 6 years has been a long slow haul,  but with the continued support of East Linfield Public School and Oxford Falls Grammar School,  together we have achieved  outstanding results by demolishing the old run down classrooms, , and replacing them with new.  We have also managed to build a much required  amenities block, connect water,  replace the roof of the school, and supplied the school with uniforms and equipment.   Two years ago Lindfield East Public School oranised another fundraiser to help  another school in the area, which was in desperate need of 4 extra classrooms to accommodate an extra influx of students. 
Building began in the middle of last year, and two classrooms have nearly been completed. Unfortunately, construction of the remaining 2 classrooms have been delayed due to a landslide behind the building, a massive boulder missed the school by inches, fortunately nothing was  damaged, except  the money that was raised by LEPS to finish the building went into the construction of a retaining wall.  Like I said “It is a long hard road, but worth the journey. 
Children are the essence of purity, honesty, innocents, unconditional love. They are perfection & what we all should strive to become again!  As we  grow we are exposed to the  big bad world where  we become corrupted by negativity,  greed etc…..The children of Nepal are spiritual and live life with their eyes wide open and hearts free.  It has been a joy to combine my visits to Nepal,  to not only   give clients the opportunity to experience life away from the tourist trails, by visiting out of the way rural areas, but  for the children of those remote areas to gain educational opportunities that will benefit their future.

To celebrate we are offering a 25% discount on the Bhutan Black Crane Festival tour.

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