On the 21st April I I will be returning to Nepal to live with my 2nd family, who are beautiful people living in a remote village in the north west of the country.

Happy to have a new school

I will stay for 10 days to oversee ongoing work on a local High School Shree Baseri. Together with the generosity of children, families and teachers from Lindfield East Public School and Oxford Falls Grammar School.We have been able to build several new classrooms.

Morning assembly at Shree Baseria School
Shree Baseri School
Children receiving educational gifts

The sale of the 2015 calenders were a great success, and I would like to express my heart full thanks to those who bought the calenders. We managed to raise a total of $3000 which will go towards further renovations to the school.

Lyn Jaye the Sports Master and English Teacher

Both LEPS  and OFGS school have worked tirelessly to  fund raise and I am so thankful and cannot express just how far this will go in transforming the lives of so many families by giving access to education, hope and security to hundreds of children.

Introducing the little ones to a new game
a view of the school from above

I never have hesitation of returning to Nepal to the same ground, the same people, and the same emotions, that I have been doing for the past 20 years. To see the light in the children, mothers, fathers, and grandparents faces when I return each time, strengthens my heart and helps me move forward to helping those people who are in  less fortunate circumstances than myself. Namaste Lyn

Students and Visitors
Recently completed school Library

Handing over funds

Namaste and thank you!
Looking forward to school
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