Gorizia and Collio

It was fascinating to learn some of the history of Gorizia and the effect of its border location on the lives of its inhabitants. As a result of World War 1 and 2 they changed nationality several times. Many families were split with some members on one side of the closed border and some on the other side. Fortunately today the border is open and people can move freely. The border guard towers on the hills are empty. Leanne

What an adventure!  I can smell the fresh red tomato, creamy white mozzarella , prosciutto , basil & crisp white wine at Picech vineyard where we had lunch in the Collio region.  The essence of sharing & community abound and a memory to treasure. Jo

What a learning curve! First visiting Vineyards and enjoying beautiful local foods whilst tasting the wines of the producers but also learning about the process of crushing and pressing grapes for the making of a specialty Vinegar. Then walking on acorns, hazelnuts and chestnuts that are falling off the local trees and finding out that there is a special implement that pierces the chestnut so that they don’t explode during the roasting process. Pomegranates and Persimmons waiting to ripen on the trees also. All this has been made possible by our wonderful Tour Leader, Lynny Taylor. Fay

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