We departed Venice by train to Pisa with a change in Florence. We were not expecting the journey to go smoothly,but it did except for the lack of luggage storage on Italian trains, basically zero. Reaching Florence we had plenty of time to transfer to the train which took us to Pisa. During the 1-1/2 hour journey I guarded our luggage which for most of the time was blocking either the right or left side of the entrance and exit of the compartment. We finally made it to Pisa all very exhausted from lugging bags up and down stairs. It was certainly an experience and an adventure for the group. Wow! Were we relieved to see our guide Florenza and our 2 people and luggage movers. We were all hungry and thirsty after our journey so were all relieved that I guide noticed that we all needed a survive and revive rest. One hour after were enjoying a guided tour of the Leaning tower of Pisa site, which amazingly was not crowded. Two of the ladies climbed the tower and returned to us somewhat lop sided, but later in the day managed to straighten. Our next destination was our hotel close to Sienna.

The hotel which is situated in the hills above Sienna has 180 hectares of Vinyards, was otiginally built in 900, bought by the present owners in 1984 and it took 5 years to restore,  home for the next 4 nights looks very tempting. 

Our beautiful walk today took us through the hills of Sienna. Interestingly it was the first day of the hunting season, so we were all targets for the local bird shooters. We visited the medieval village of Torri and visited the Cloister of Romanesque Gothic towers. We climbed the wooded hills around the village, were our guide who is a botanist and very passionate about his work pointed out all the native flowers and plants.  We enjoyed a picnic lunch before returning to our accommodation ending a wonderful day relaxing by the pool, enjoying a massage, wine tasting. 

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