Collio Vinyards

 The most memorable part of today was our  visit to a vineyard owned and operated by an Italian couple who made us feel more than comfortable showing us through their home, the cellar , and sharing their own life with us. The way these people work together in a close community spirit has to be admired. 
A short bus trip took us to a coffee house/boarding accommodation where the fine art of vinegar making was explained by a very cute young man. Julie

Where can I start to tell you about my most wonderful time & trip of a life time you have given me.

From day one we got into Slovenia things I saw and experienced would be in movies only but I actually was participating in it all in realty.

The the scenery of every where we had been in Slovenia was just out of this world, could not have asked for any better and most comfortable & enjoyable time. 

Now that we have left The beautiful Slovenia  to magnifast Italy (Viva a La Talia)
Where I have celebrated my birthday among my fellow traveller whom I have only met are complete strangers, but absulitly great and wonderful friends that I will treasure their friendship for life 
Will give you more update soon regarding the rest of my trip

The trip has been fantastic especially today with a visit to a local family owned winery, where they made us feel so welcome, fed us on local delicious tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, homemade bread, ham, all washed down with a glass od local white wine. We also visited a vinegar cellar which was evxtremely interesting. Kay

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