Gorizia and Aquilieia

We departed today to one of the most historical places in Gorizia Aquilieia a World Heritage listed town.  On the way we took a detour towards the coast to a very large  playground port for sailing and fishing situated only 30klms from the  border of Slovenia and Italy. 

The architectural development of the Basilica of Aquilieia, dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the Saints started in the years immediately after 313AD. THE basilica as it is today, is in Romanesque-Gothic style. the inside is majestic and somewhat solemn, it pervaded us with deep spirituality, that has grown along with the centuries. The entire floor is a wonderful coloured mosaic of the 4th century. Brought to light in the years 1909-1912. The elegant hull-shaped timber floor dates back to the 15th centure. This means that between the ceiling and the floor there are more than 1,000 years of historical and artistic development . Later in the day we returned to Gorizia to Visit the castle and the 16th century Palazzo Coronial Cronberg with its beautiful charming and romantic green oasis of the Cronini park. The park stretches out over almost 5 hectares of pleasantly irregular land, partly flat, partly sloping towards an old river trough. The park was constructed in 1846 with rocks, terraces, ponds, statues and winding paths mingle harmoniously with lawns, dense thickets of palms and age old bay trees and cedars.
Gorizia situated near the border of Slovenia is truly a beautiful quiet town. Today is our 8day of our tour through Slovenia and Italy, and we have only come across two non European tourists. It feel like we have had the whole country to ourselves, we have certainly been privileged. I am sure when we arrive in Venice today things will be different and we will be thrown in with hundreds of other tourists, let’s hope not!

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