Road Trip Through The UK

We are still travelling! Two days ago we left Wales behind, and one of our favourite and most scenic was the drive through Snowdonia National Park. Even though the weather was warmer than usual for this  time of year, cloudy and damp, the picturesque landscape was magnificent with its autumn leaves drifting down from the massive oak trees forming an amber carpet as it hit the road. Unfortunately, we did not get the opportunity to climb Snowdonia nor go by train to the top, it will have to wait for a future visit. What I could see, hiking in this National Park would be an awesome experience.

Leaving Wales behind we continued on our journey heading towards The Lakes District, and Scotland.
Every year thousands of walkers follow on Wainwright’s footsteps and set out to explore the endless crisscross trails of famous fells, where the weather can change in a second, from sunny skies to grey mist, to poring rain. Even if you are not a hiker it is worth a visit to the quaint towns of Windamere and Keswick  in the Lakes District, both towns drafted by the towering peaks, fields and fells of deep copper gold.
It was a particular favourite of Alfred Wainwright, whose Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells are still the choice for many hikers.
 ” No mountain profiling in Lakeland arrests and excites the attention more than that of Longdale” , he write in 1958, in the 3rd book of his seven book series. “that steep ladder to heaven stirs the imagination, and even the emotions, especially so whenever the towering peaks come into view, suddenly and unexpectedely.”
This has been my 2nd visit the the beautiful Lakes District, and I am looking forward with envy to the next.

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