Day 10 Written by Geraldine Diez


Just when I begin to imagine that the last Cathedral or church can’t be topped, another one with different features comes along Leon’s stained glass windows are outstanding in colour, design and size. Attached to the cathedral is the Patheon Real, the royal burial vaults, which have been called Spain’s Sistine Chapel. The frescoes which tell stories from the Bible ans everyday life still look fresh after 800 years. We were lucky enough to heat the very recently installed Euro 8 million organ played. As a contrast, outside in the square the people of Leon were celebrating the Day of the Bicycle and whole families rose through the streets of the old town in masse.
Some of our group of Pilgrims searched for bargains at the market by the river,  whilst others sought out local foods at cafés,  Many of us indulged in massages and the Spanish traditional of a siesta.
Tomorrow we will be heading back to the relative quiet of The Camino.

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