Day 11 written by Sandra once

The group started 
the day in high spirits after a wonderful rest day in Leon. We set out from Leon in our orange bus driving for approximately 1 hour to our starting point for today ‘s walk to the town of Rabinal del Camino.

from here the track criss crossed the asphalt road providing us with spectacular views of the valley. After 5.8 klms we reached the very small town of Foncebadon. Our guide David explained that Foncebadon was once an old mining town which had bee abandoned when the mining ceased. However, the village is now stirring back to life from the popularity of the Camino. Travelling another 2 klms and we headed to our highest point of the Camino marked by a monument in the shape of a cross. Pilgrims from all over the world bring a stone from their home country and place it beside the monument representing letting go of something in their lives that is hindering their progress or something that they need to leave behind.
At Manjarin Some  members of our group were lucky enough to witness the daily blessing of the new day and to all the  pilgrims walking the path. One more hill to climb then the path descended quite sharply  as we headed to the final destination of our walk to Rio de Ambros, stopping at the typical mountain of Acebo for lunch, andn a well earned rest.
By the time we reached Riego de Ambros, we had witnessed several changes in vegetation, brightly coloured flowers along the path, and some magnificent scenery.
From Riego de Ambros we boarded our bus, stopping at Ponferrada  to walk around this historicTemplar castle a magnificent 12th century castle declared a national monument and recently renovated.


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