4th Day of the Camino

We departed Pamplona after our best breakfast so far on the Camino and were coached to Puente 

La Reina to begin our walk for the day.  I was not only leaving a beautiful city, but I was leaving unwanted feelings behind.  The three months of preparation with strong support from so many friends and also concerned colleagues who doubted my sanity for even thinking about doing such a trip.  In fact, as the departure date drew closer I was so very dubious as to my ability.  That is all behind me now and I can let go of the feelings of anxiety and fear, and replace them with profound feelings of gratitude to our Blessed Lord.  I have gained confidence.  I am so grateful that I am able to walk the daily distances.  I am grateful for the company of the other sixteen ladies, the friendly faces upon the way, the fabulous food and the list will lengthen no doubt as the days go on.
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