After a very relaxin night at the beautiful renovated hotel in Roncesvalles we headed off on our 2nd day, trekking to Zubiri 23 klms. Unfortunately, I  (Ruth) had only walked 2 klms when my calf muscle became too sore to continue so I  decided to make the sensible decision of getting on the bus. The remainder of the day for me was speaking to Moncho our bus driver, and Moncho teaching me Spanish, we had lots of laughs. At the end of our days trek we all soaked our feet in the icy cold creek under the beautiful stone bridge of Zubiri. Our bus then took us to our hotel in Areketa. One of the scenes from the movie ” The Way” was filmed in the court yard of this hotel. The was where Martin Sheen and Deborah Unger met for the first time. Next morning everyone headed off to Pamplona whilst I rested my leg on the bus, I am hoping I will be ok to at least do the final 100klms.

As all the pilgrims headed off on their daily trek I noticed how happy they were and how they were thoroughly enjoying their experience. Bien Camino  Ruth dos

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