1st Day of the final 100klms to Santiago de Santiago by Lyn trece

We began our day with trepidation as we are about to begin our final 100klm journey to Santiago de Compostela. Perfect conditions prevailed, cloudy sky’s  and a slight breeze, very different from the 30 degree heat we had previously experienced. We are now in Glacia and she is living up to her form of unpredictable weather. Even if it rains it will not effect our spirits, rain  will bring new life to flowers, crops and cattle, for us the weary Pilgrims it will provide us with a new experience and challenge. Today we were joined by many more pilgrims as the last 100klms is now known as the party trail to Santiago de Compostela. Our peace and tranquility of the past 12days has been distrupted, but we are embracing a new experience and joining in the excitement, BRING IT ON!

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