Yesterday was our first day for 15 lovely women who joined Lyn Taylor’s Adventure Travel on a tour to Bali. They came from all over Australia to enjoy a relaxing yet adventurous 11 day holiday in the beautiful country of Bali. Our first 2 nights were spent in Sanur which is in the south of the island at a quiet location situated on the beach. The girls spent the day swimming, bike riding, spa treatments and the adventurous braved an exilerating ride on a jet ski.

Today we visited the Marine Safari Wildlife Park which in my opinion one of the best in the world. From the time we boarded the bus at the first station, we were overwhelmed when we drove through the forestry of the zoo, whilst our humerous english speaking guide narrated our journey. We came across a huge variety of wildlife such as lions, tigers, wilderbeast, hippos, zebra, gifaffe, all within an armns length of the vehicle which was equiped with large veiwing windows. Every photo opportunity was a masterpiece. We then continued by foot to an amphitheatre where we were given an educational performance describing elephants existance from primitive times to date. The highlight of the day was having cuddle with a baby chimpanzee.

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