Inspired by the spirit of back to nature and sample harmony in life, we all ventured out on a 3 hour bike ride to explore and experience the sense of the Balines countryside around Ubud. The day proved to be a very unique and unforgetable experience. We were not all expereienced bike riders, but we all managed the mostly down hill ride from Lake Batur to Ubud, winding through the small back roads of the local villages situated in deep valleys and lush green rice fields. We rode through some amazing scenery, visited a coffee plantation to see the process of making Balinese coffee, and visited ancient Hindu ceremonial sites. At the ending point we were taken to our guides compound where we were served a delicious buffet lunch of local dishes prepared by his family. After lunch we were escorted to an area adorned with Balinese instruments. We were all then given the opportunity to play and learn the traditional tunes of the Balinese, which was a lot of fun.

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