On Saturday we arrived by flight from Chitwan to Kathmandu, it was then a 30 minute vehicle ride to Bhaktapur and our accomodation for the night. The girls spent the afternoon on guided sightseening tour of the city and then hit the shops. The following morning at 2am we were woken with the sounds of the temple bell being rung every 10 minutes as the locals came to worship their God Kali Kar May and as well it is only 4 days to the biggest festival in Nepal – Dasain where families gather in their home for a festive meal of goat and other delicasies, There is much gift exchanging similar to our Xmas. As we were up early I took the girls for a yoga/ exercise class where some of the locals gather every morning at 6 am to do their daily exercise – as if they do not get enough already! After breakfast we departed for Thamel and our hotel situated in a quiet area of Thamel. Our last night dinner was spent at a Dhori Restaurant where we were entertained by the women of each area of Nepal performing thier local dances.
Sadly today the girls departed for home I must say I will miss their wonderful friendly company, and hope they we will keep in contact in the future. Now I will have 2 days rest in Kathmandu before my next group of 14 arrive for our trek to Gokyo Lakes. I will not be able to keep you up to date on this tour, but will look forward to writing a blog and posting photos on my return
Namaste everyone and thank you for reading this blog
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