Three words describe this infinite horizon of the Puna desert, land , salt plains and blue sky. This high plateau is over 4000 mtrs and it is amazing with the snow-capped peaks, black volcanic rock and its wide seas of salt plains, lagoonas of pink flamingos, surrounded by vicunas and lamas dotted against the skyline. The Andian region is a unique cultural world that goes over borders and blends different people in a great tradition that has its origin in the great Inca Empire. That is why similar features and characteristics are found in the northwest of Argentina as well as in the north of Chile, Bolivia, Peru and even Ecuador. Some of it, unique textiles, delicious maize dishes, the quechua language the Pachamama cult, wind and string musical instruments. Without a doubt the most interesting aspect of this remote region is the combination of ancient uses and customs, material, landscapes and trekking trails. We have spent 2 nights and 3 days in Pumamarca relaxing and enjoying interacting with the natives, trekking in the 7 colours of the hills which we can see from the panoramic window in our hotel room. We are dining on delicious Andian meals and of course wonderful red wines from Cafayette and Mendosa. Tommorow we leave for another even more remote area of Iruya. Until then adios.
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