After some delay with Aerolines Argentinas we finally arrived into Salta. This city has a unique characteristic that sets is apart from the rest of the provinces in Argentina. It has a combination of geographic diversity and strong traditional and cultural heritage. To a certain extent its feature define Salta, and has earned it as a well deserved reputation as one of Argentina’s popular tourist destinations. The kindness and warmth of its people equals the beauty of its landscapes which we experienced on the drive to Cachi and Cafeyate. First though we had a taste of the city from above by hiking 400 mtrs to the top of Saint Bernard hill, the natural balcony overlooking the city offers a wonderful bird’s eye view of the urban layout. On arrival we were treated to traditonal dishes such as empanades and locro which are combned with original preparations made with typical ingredients and served with excellent local wine from the the Cachaque Valley. Our trip around the Calchaque Valleys, known as “La Vuelta a los Vaoles”, is an unforgettable journey through a region that has witnessed a turbulent pre Inca and colonial history forged in dramatic surroundings, where the winds and the sun have sculpted its geography. Behind the indredible rock formations of its ravines and multi coloured hills, there lies quiet villages whose abode and thatch houses take travellers back in time to the distant past. This circuit is circular and concentrict, which crosses roads and villages that ceased to amaze us with thier simple beauty. This are deep intense colours that range from ochre and red of hills and ravines to green of rivers and waterfalls. On our arrival in Cafeyatte we stopped at the local ice cream palour to tase the mabec wine ice cream which was absolutely delicious!! Oh and I must not forget the visit to one of the local winery’s for our first taste of Malbec wine from Cafeyatte.
Keep posted as our tour will continue now to Parmamarca Adios!!
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