Bhutan November 07

7th November.
Today we rose at 4.00am to leave at 5.00am so we could get to Thimpu in time for the public celebrations of the 5th King of Bhutan.
We reached the Dochula Pass (the highest pass in Bhutan at 3,100m) The sky was clear, the sun was just rising and the snowy peaks of the Himalaya were revealed in all their glory. Very few visitors apparently see this view as it is often obscured by low cloud or mist so we were very fortunate and thrilled. We enjoyed breakfast at the restaurant and then proceeded to Thimpu.
There were crowds of Bhutanese all in their national dress thronging the streets and the entrance to the stadium had long queues. We looked at the crowds trying to get in and were despairing of being able to when a small opportunity presented itself and Brenda, Pauline and Val were able make it through the crush (rather scary!) and enter the stadium where they were able to watch the proceedings. An unforgettable experience with dancers, soldiers, bands, monks, elephants, yaks and far too much to describe (though perhaps it’ll be possible later). Unfortunately none could take photos so it will have to be word pictures. We all feel totally privileged to be here on such an auspicious occasion and it has provided another fascinating insight into the Bhutanese way of life. To see their King moving freely amongst them is awesome.
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