Bhutan Day 06

Day 6 Today was a special day in Bhutan especially as we were to tackle the climb to the famous Taksing Monastry situated 3180 mtrs above Paro. Five of the group were very adventurous as they made the decision to travel by horse up to the view point which is at approx 3000 mtrs. The rest of us decided to do it the easy way by hiking up, well at least we thought it was going to be the easier option until we started to ascend and our breathing laboured with each step. We reached the restaurant after 2-1/2 hours and a cup of tea and a rest before taking off for the 2nd part of the climb to the next viewpoint. As we got closer the scene in front of us was awe inspiring, breathtaking and extremely spiritual it just brings tears to the eyes. Our last approach to the monastery was stairs which ascended to a deep ravine – no hand rails and very frightening each step was taken with caution, the last little climb was then to the monastery itself. We were fortunate to go into three of the small monastery’ where we were presented with kuta scarves which were blessed by the monks. The descent was easy and we ended our day in Paro by witnessing an archery competition.
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