Tsum Valley Nepal

Upper Tsum Valley

The day before yesterday we commenced our trek from Chulung to Chhokang Paro was easy going we hiked passed several mani walls left side and clockwise being the Buddhist traditional way. The trail was shaded making it wet in places as it dropped steeply to the river, a short break and cup of tea were much appreciated as it revived us before the steep climb and crossing of a landslide which took extra care. The following morning we woke to a brilliant sunrise over the snow-capped mountains.

Today’s walk was through beautiful fertile flat fields and extremely productive land of Upper Tsum Valley. There were many chortens, mani walls, and Gompas on the way leaving you in no doubt that you are in Buddhist territory. The majestic vertical walls tower over the valley protecting those within. We continued hiking gradually climbing towards our final destination of Mu Gompa. The Gompa (monastery) is at perched 3770 meters high on the cliffs affording magnificent views. Opposed to our other fellow hikers we bravely elected to stay overnight in the monastery accommodation which meant we enjoyed a very authentic experience listening to the chanting of the monks and eating in the monastery kitchen which has not changed in 115 years.

The next morning some of our group elected to climb further to the 800-year-old Nunnery, we later returned to our previous night’s accommodation and a hot shower and warm lodge. To top the day off, the avocado that our porters have been carrying since Kathmandu had ripened, so we enjoyed a feast of avocado and Cruskits biscuits that I had bought from Australia

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