Every year I visit our school project at Saraswati School Majuwa village Nepal to meet with the Principal, staff and students. It is a long arduous drive to get to the village but once there I would have to say it is my most favourite and enjoyable destination in Nepal.  The isolation of the village is difficult for the people especially rebuilding after the 2015 earthquake that destroyed most homes in Majuwa and surrounding villages.  Skilled labour is difficult to find, timber, sand,  cement and other building materials are expensive to transport long distances to the village, and skilled labour is difficult to find, leaving the local unskilled villages to manage to rebuild their homes with limited resources.   Sadly some families have moved away to the cities to seek jobs and a less difficult way of life, Saraswati Public School once had 115 students and now reduced to 55. On my last visit in January this year, I did see many newborn babies so hopefully, there will be an increase of students in another 5 years.  On behalf of Saraswati students teachers and families, I would like to say a huge thank you for the generous support that Lindfield East Public School has provided for almost 10 years! Your enthusiasm, commitment and genuine care for this community have helped establish Saraswati School as a safe and reputable asset in the community. Together we have built new classrooms and funded repairs, set up a teacher’s room, installed toilet amenities and connected water to the school. Not to mention the school supplies and activities we have been able to purchase each year as a result of Nepalese handicraft items being sold by the School. Most significantly, LEPS has been instrumental in ensuring that the education is sustained in the village by rebuilding and restoring the school following the devastating earthquakes in 2015.

Sarawasi School

For the next 2 years, LEPS will help to sponsor a local Nepalese girl’s Education in Kathmandu. Education is so important in empowering girls and creating pathways for them to pursue their dreams and overcome social, economic and cultural barriers that may otherwise hold them back. We have the opportunity to come together and make a small change, with a big impact.

Let me tell you how.

Aasha Ghale

Meet Asha. A young Nepalese girl who spent her childhood years growing up in a remote village with her 5 sisters. She had always had a keen interest in learning and one day moved out of the village to pursue her dreams. 5 years ago, she had the opportunity to do just that. She relocated from her Village to Kathmandu with her father and 2 younger brothers. A family from Australia had met her on one of my guided tours and decided to sponsor her high school studies at a prestigious city school. Asha is extremely hardworking and committed to her studies and has currently completed year 12 exams. With the excellent result, this will now see Asha enter college to study business management. In addition to attending school 6 days per week, Asha took on extra tuition before and after school with the hope of becoming a teacher so she could return to her village or perhaps even pursue her interest in business management.

Small Change. Big Impact.

Girls in Nepal face multiple barriers to education including access to school, cultural norms and practices, school-related gender-based violence and early or forced marriage. It could be easy to underestimate the potential one girl has to spark change in not only her life but the lives of all those around her. But you see, Aasha understands that in completing her studies and pursuing her dreams she is being an inspiration and role model to her sisters and friends back home.

By doing what we can to support Ahsa to succeed in her education we are playing a part in tackling poverty, empowering women and building stronger communities throughout Nepal. Ensuring she thrives in a safe and supportive environment will ultimately lead to countless benefits for herself, her family, her community and Nepalese society as a whole.

Where you come in!

The family sponsoring Aasha has been a wonderful support to her, but unfortunately, are unable to continue funding her education for her final two years of High School. While Asa’s father works as a guide, he only has worked for 6 months of the year. He supports Aasha and her 7 siblings and without the help of sponsorship would be unable to maintain her education in Kathmandu. Her yearly education costs include school fees, exam fees, extra tuition and 3 meals per day coming to a total of approx $2,000 USD per year.

Lindfield East Public School in Sydney, Australia has already put their hand up to fundraise each year towards Aasha’s future. With your help, together we can see Aasha complete her studies, and even help set her up for success in tertiary education.

I am so excited about this opportunity to come together as a community to support this girls dream and make a real impact in her family, village and wider Nepalese society. Every dollar counts and your ongoing support or one-off donation can make a difference. Even a small change can make a big impact!

If you would like to be part of the change and support Aasha’s future, please visit this link to donate.