Peterman Island Port Charcot

This morning we didn’t wake to Christians 530 call to zodiacs. Instead we slumbered on because the call never came. Overnight the wind at our parking spot in the pack ice just north of Adelaide Island has picked up and it was no longer safe to stay. So we chose to head north. Instead we headed to Fish Island in time for a morning outing. The ship detoured to a breaching humpback. The cod was doing all the leaping whilst Mum looked on. After breakfast in blistering sunshine and very light puffs of wind we weaved between the ice burgs.

We went out on another zodiac excursion and found a stable looking ice flow to walk on. To stand on a rocking, spinning bit of sea ice with lose gumboots was not an easy manoeuvre. Back to the ship for yet another delicious meal as we journeyed north through the afternoon. The scenery was spectacular with the imposing mountain range of the Antarctic Peninsula on our starboard side. At our 6pm briefing the winner of the Ice-burg challenge was announced. We had to guess the correct longitude and latitude plus correct time that an ice burg is spotted by the Captain and crew. I nearly fell off my chair when my name was announced. It was definitely a case of pin the tail on the donkey. After dinner we left the ship to visit the Yalour islands . It was a peaceful evening amongst the Adelie penguins returning to our ship at 1030pm


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