“I have just arrived on this exotic island of Sri Lanka where we will embark on a  15 day journey to see why Sri Lanka has been voted  “the destination” to visit in 2016″.

The fishermen depart in their catamarans at 7pm and return at 5am with their catch for the day, the only day rest is Sunday when they attend church.

Soon after we  departed Negombo heading 175klm north to Anuradhapura? The roads so far are surprisingly in good condition, although it is slow going due to the tuk tuk’s,  trucks, and bicycles on the road.

We stopped for lunch at a popular restaurant situated next to a lake, and thankfully we were blessed with a beautiful breeze to cool us. In the afternoon we were to cyclie around the ancient kingdom of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka’s first capital dating back to 500 Bc.
 On our journey around this UNESCO site which consisted of thousands of hectares or what we thought was more like an estate. We were quite touched by the devotion of the Buddhist people, and very conscious that we were allowed to share such a sacred place.
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