Today we arrived to  Pokhara after spending 2 weeks at Majuwa village. We left Majuwa on the 24th, trekked for 2 days to the city of Dhading on the way we saw many homes destroyed  On the 2nd night we had just arrived at our camp by the river when the earth again moved this time 4.3, epicentre again Gorkha, last week Kathmandu 5.2. Yesterday another followed at Sindulpowchok  where the 2nd earthquake happened in May. No damage anywhere just a few dry landslides, the sad part is that every time this happens the children get so very frightened, so do I for that matter. The village of Majuwa gave us a very heart warming farewell, I am absolutely elated that the school construction has begun, after all the problems Nepal has been having with fuel shortages due to border blockades I really did not think we would pull this off, but thanks to Hermanta from Ganga Jamuna Treks and Expeditions who organised  fuel to get us to the village and gas for cooking whilst there, and to Dil who is supervising the school building project and getting the materials transported to the village. You are both awesome! I am so looking forward to returning in March to the smiling faces of these beautiful children

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