5th Day in the Cape to Cape.

Although this is the longest  day  being 25klm  it is not necessarily the most difficult. We started with a short drive from our accommodation to the drop off point. Weather today is predicted rain from midday  hence carrying a heavier pack including our packed lunch. We walked along the ridges above our accommodation and had to negotiate rights of way with group participating in a fun run, the front runners were very serious, but towards the back of the pack we were able to have a joke. The trail then continued on a sandy four wheel drive track, looking towards the ocean we could see the band of rain moving in, within 5 minutes we were scrambling for our goretex jackets. Our guide commented how unusual it was to have such heavy rain, but we were sceptical.  After 7klms we arrived at some stairs leading down into the valley, our guide challenged us to count the stairs, there was a prize waiting at the end of the day. Morning tea was at a little glen at the bottom of 365 stairs, the rain eased whilst we enjoyed our cup of tea and another delicious home cooked cake. Continuing on along a narrow sand track scattered with yellow and blue wildflowers. Adjacent to the river we finally reached the beach at the 9klm mark then guess what! another beach walk of 2klm and another of 3klms before climbing up to our lunch spot situated our of the rain in a cave. The rain continued on and off as we forged our way through thick wet undergrowth, but we were pleased, had it been hot we may have trodden on a venemous snake. From the top of limestone cliffs we  viewed white sand and azure coloured water which was breathtaking, and aother great photo opportunity. Continuing another 2 hours we met our other team leader Simon who was waitin  with our afternoon tea of a hot cup of tea and cake after our wet and windy walk,. Wow! What a welcome sight,  our other team leader whose name we will not mention dropped her sunglasses into the poo pit toilet, and wanted us to get them out for her but nobody volunteered, miraculously she managed  to save the day by  extracting the glasses out if the poo pit with her hiking pole. 

The remainder  of the walk was through a stunning Kari, Jarrah and Mari forrest in drizzling rain to our waiting vehicle. An end to another spectacular and adventurous day. 

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